Albena table tennis Challenge Circuit 2019-2020 Rules and regulation

Dear Table Tennis Friends,

We have the pleasure to announce to you the first edition - 2019 – 2020 -of


The   Albena Administration, totally dedicated to the idea that sport is creating human models, friendship, unconditional joy and emotions and this is the way to try to make our world better, decided to sustain and sponsor more table tennis events during the year.

This is how the new Albena Table Tennis Challenge Circuit was born.

Each year Circuit is consisting of 4 Challenge Tournaments, 3 challenge tournaments (Winter, Spring, Autumn) and one MAJOR Tournament (Summer)

The 2019 - 2020 year, 1-st Edition Challenge Circuit will have 5 tournaments starting with winter 2019 in order to have more time and occasions to promote THE ALBENA CIRCUIT.

The last tournament of the Year (Winter) will decide the champion of the year of Albena Circuit and the awards accordingly.

In the last tournament – Winter- a Masters Competition it will also be performed, champions of all ages and Open will have a new possibility to compete with other Masters players invited for the special occasion.



All tournaments will be played for singles and doubles on age categories and also Open.

System: best of 5, ITTF rules, Red + Black 3*** ITTF balls.

Each participant will receive   points for participation and results.

The total of points for the 4 (5 -in the first edition) tournaments will be the criteria to establish the Champion of Albena Circuit.

The champions will be rewarded at the last tournament of the year with many awards:

-Title of Albena: Champion of the year

-Voucher for 5 nights, 3, 4 stars hotel for the Summer tournament

-prizes: money, cups, equipment, etc

Points system:

Participation points:

-20 points for any tournament

-30 points for major tournament

Awarded points:

-Normal tournaments :ATP ( average tournament points ) + 10 points -1-st place , 8 points -2-nd place ,6 points -3-rd and 4-th place ,4 points -5-8th places ,2 points -8-16-th places , 1 point 16-32- nd  places, o points for 32-nd to last

-Major tournament : ATP ( average tournament points ) + 15 points -1-st place , 12 points -2-nd place ,9 points -3-rd and 4-th place ,6 points -5-8th places ,3 points -8-16-th places , 1.5 point 16-32- nd  places, o points for 32-nd to last

Ranking of favorites will be: ITTF, stats of tournaments, ATP results.

Champions will be decided and awarded in every Challenge tournament and also in the final tournament by cumulating all points obtained in each tournament (Total ATP results/year).

We appreciate every enthusiast participant and we hope that you will also appreciate the quality time we will spend together in Albena  with this new occasions to practice and compete our favorite sport.

Good luck everybody!

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